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UPS & FurAffinity Status Bot

This is an experimental real time status, user count, and upload count bot. I originally made this to keep track of my backup system stats, hence the name UPSView, but I later adapted the software into an FA status bot, since I use the site regularly, and it does have a tendency to become unstable at times. (Note: UPS data can only be viewed with authentication.)

To enter the viewer, use the Logfile field below to enter the appropriate log date and hit the Enter key to view it (default is today's status log). Alternatively, you may paste raw log data into the box below. You may tap the title above at any time to return to the entry screen. If it's not working (turns red when you hit enter), I probably screwed something up on my end, you'll have to try again later. Sorry!

NEW: Now you can view more than one logfile at once! To do so, simply input multiple comma-separated filenames.

Logfile: <-- Click here!